Enjoy a Daily Taste of NYC at Palace Hour

At Lotte New York Palace, we celebrate the diverse dining and culture of New York City at our daily Palace Hour events. Held at 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, in the lobby – and open exclusively to guests – Palace Hour gives guests the chance to unwind in a casual setting while enjoying a unique treat from our dining team.

Lotte New York Palace - The Palace Hour

Palace Hour begins when the lobby lights dim at 5 p.m., creating a haven of food, drinks, music and conversation in the heart of the city. Each happy hour event at Lotte New York Palace showcases a New York City specialty – sweet or savory, sometimes seasonally inspired, and often prepped by Pomme Palais’ expert team.

Specialty popcorn  Lottee NY Palace hour

We’re welcoming spring with sweet treats at Palace Hour events this March. Tasty confections served at Palace Hour in the coming weeks include pecan bars, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cupcakes in celebration of the first day of spring. Unique events like a spa hour with specialists from the Lotte New York Palace Spa and St. Patrick’s Day and Easter celebrations round out the month’s Palace Hour events.

Lotte New York Palace Hour Treats

Upcoming Palace Hour Schedule:
• 3/12 – Specialty Popcorn
• 3/14 – Specialty Pomme Palais Drink (Flavored Iced Tea / Lemonade)
• 3/15 – Lemon Bars
• 3/16 – Madeleines
• 3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Treats
• 3/18 – Spa Hour
• 3/19 – Pecan Bars
• 3/21 – ‘First Day of Spring’ Cupcakes
• 3/22 – Mini Pretzels
• 3/23 – Gougère of the Day
• 3/24 – Chocolate Strawberries
• 3/25 – Pomme Palais Specialty Coffee
• 3/26 – Easter Marshmallow Peeps
• 3/28 – Specialty Popcorn
• 3/29 – Mini Black-and-White Cookies
• 3/30 – Macaroons
• 3/31 – Fruit-Infused Water

Learn more about Palace Hour events at Lotte New York Palace or simply ask our front desk staff for more information. See our latest specialties by following us on Instagram, where we share photos of Palace Hour with the hashtag #PalacePerks

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