Steve Cohen Casts His Spell at the Palace This Spring

One of the city’s most beloved acts has chosen Lotte New York Palace as his stage this spring. After two decades of astounding crowds with his hypnotizing performances, the legendary Steve Cohen is carrying Chamber Magic to Lotte New York Palace, with new acts ready to defy the imaginations of our guests.


Chamber Magic has taken the spotlight in New York, with good reason. The original intention behind Cohen’s show was for spectators to indulge in tasteful night out dressed in cocktail attire, without the cliché of having the Opera as the only alternative for opulent entertainment.   An old-fashioned, tuxedo-clad figure in a world of flash, Cohen’s appearances on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and Late Night with David Letterman have introduced him to new audiences, both famous and more humble. He’s performed for royalty, directors, actors, and composers, and starred in both a History Channel special and a sold-out Carnegie Hall show. Currently, Cohen holds the distinction of the 8th most popular NYC show on TripAdvisor, beating even Hamilton’s popularity.


To be hosted in the Madison Room of the Villard Mansion, Cohen’s act will invite guests to a classic Manhattan meeting room to watch the wonders unfold. Everyone in attendance is subtly invited to participate in his repertoire of tricks—from the Think-a-Drink tea kettle that creates five different drinks, to sleight-of-hand with cards—his skill, charisma and sophistication will make for a memorable evening for all.

Beginning March 3, 2017, Chamber Magic will be held at our Midtown Manhattan hotel Fridays at 7 PM and 9 PM, and Saturdays at 2 PM, 7 PM and 9 PM (at 90 minutes each). Please remember to book in advance, as his performances are typically sold out for six to eight weeks ahead of time.  This event is recommended for ages 12 and up. Keep in touch to hear news of this one-of-a-kind upcoming show.

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