April 21, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day with Lotte New York Palace

Each spring, Earth Day serves as a reminder that our planet is precious and that it is our responsibility to thoughtfully use the resources the Earth provides. As a proud member of the NYC Carbon Challenge, a citywide program on pace to reduce emissions in New York City by 515,000 metric tons, Lotte New York Palace embraces sustainable practices as a passion, and not simply a function of doing business.

To help reduce emissions, Lotte New York Palace installed a cogeneration system in 2014 that heats the hotel and supplies 40% of the property’s electricity. In addition, the hotel has in place a number of sustainability initiatives, including the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, LED lighting throughout the hotel, a 100% reliance on renewable energy sources, and participation in a local composting program.

As we continue our efforts to be as sustainable as possible, we look forward to celebrating Earth Day in New York by taking part in some of the great local events, such as Earth Day in Union Square, hosted by the Earth Day Initiative organization. The event features exhibitors including non-profits, green businesses, in addition to kids’ activities, live performances, and more. We look forward to celebrating another Earth Day and continuing to contribute to New York City’s green initiatives.

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