The Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Exhibit

Spring flourishes all across the city, and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities and festivals to fill your warm, sunny days. From Saturday, May 26, through Monday, May 28, folks from around the city and the world will venture down to Washington Square Park to enjoy the annual Outdoor Art Exhibit. Hundred of artists, some fresh-faced NYU undergrads, others seasoned men and women who are old enough to recall when a young Willem de Kooning set up his easel beneath the famous Washington Square Arch, will exhibit their sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, woodwork, handcrafted jewelry, and more, all for you to peruse and purchase. If you’re not in the city the weekend of May 26, you can catch one of the WSOAE’s other exhibition dates, which are June 2 and 3 and September 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9. Please note that the art show does not take place in Washington Square Park itself, but rather, adjacent to the park on University Place between East 13th and West 3rd Streets.

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