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August 06 2013

The Complete Towers: A Visual Tour

After months of preparation, we’ve put the final touches on The New York Palace Towers! From the new lobby to the suites, we’ve completely updated the hotel while still maintaining the old touches our guests have grown to love. Art We brought new art into The Palace that gives our guests a modern feel and creates a calming atmosphere. In working with the Art Advisory Service, they’ve introduced us to various artists including Gudrun Mertes-Frady, Annette Davidek, Andrew Zimmerman, Doug … Read More

August 02 2013

The Little Things

While we often feature big changes happening at The New York Palace on our blog, we sometimes like to stop and notice the little details that make us unique. From our logo encrusted keys to delicious snacks to our fresh flowers, we hope you love the little things as much as we do. Photos courtesy of @skimbacotravel ,@damianlair, @sydneejayne, @papagena85, @carolmarantes and @izzys_universe. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil things both large and small happening at The Palace!

August 01 2013

Worlds Away

At The New York Palace, we have many guests who visit from all over the world. People travel across oceans and continents to experience the bright lights of New York City and to live like a king or queen during their stay with us. Apart from the United States, the country that tops our list of guests from abroad is the United Kingdom. However, many of our guests also come from Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Australia and Japan. … Read More