April 3, 2013

Hidden Spaces at The Palace

Staying in a hotel can add a bit of mystery to any traveler’s trip. You never know whom you’ll meet, what’s around the corner or what you’ll find in the next room. As we upgrade The New York Palace, we’ve created decorative areas that conceal visible storage closets to form a space that is pleasing to the eye.

Prior to the redesign of The Towers, there were large wooden doors near the elevators (below) that served as storage space for our staff. However, we wanted the space to be more appealing and in line with our new motif while also maintaining its functionality.


As we’re in the process of modernizing The Palace, we transformed this space into a contemporary area to enjoy while guests wait for elevators. We used elegant, textured wall coverings to conceal the closet doors. In addition, we included an accent table that holds décor lamps and flowers, producing a modern, warm and welcoming new take on the same space.

dbl pic 2

Have you seen this area of The Towers? What did you enjoy about the design? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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