April 3, 2013

Eco-Systems at The New York Palace

In a previous post, Keeping it Green at The New York Palace, we highlighted some of the new eco-friendly features we’ll be installing to ensure our hotel is serving guests and the environment in the best way possible. Of these features, we’re very excited for the Cogeneration System that will help our staff and our guests conserve energy. The system consists of 12 turbines, which are similar to those pictured below, and will be installed on the eighth floor by June 1st to collect the hotel’s excess energy supply.

The Cogeneration System works behind the scenes to manage all of The Palace’s machinery, including the heating and cooling equipment to support energy conservation. The system makes certain that all electric consumption is kept to a minimum, to ensure our staff and guests don’t use unnecessary power.

The turbines not only generate electricity, but also create heat. The heat collected from the turbines will be used as hot water for seven months of the year. During the summer months, the heat will be sent through an absorption chiller that will create chilled water. New energy isn’t being used; instead, it is recycling the heat that has already been generated.

Turbines Pic

Source: Capstone Turbine Corporation

“Although the system’s two primary functions are to supplement the heating and cooling load of the hotel, it also generates electricity by recycling energy,” says Paul Savarino, Director of Property Operations at The Palace. “By using this system The Palace will conserve nearly 70% more energy than before.”

Knowing we will be ultimately lessening our carbon footprint and creating a better environment through this equipment will make the Cogeneration System an important piece of The Palace upgrades. Stay tuned for more information as the equipment is installed this spring.

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