July 16, 2013

New Lobby, New Art

As new areas of The New York Palace are opening, new works of art are also popping up around the hotel, including 7.2012 and 5.2012 and Urbanhood #2. Located in The Towers Lobby, these works of art give life to the space and serve as conversational pieces.


7.2012 and 5.2012

Both the 7.2012 and 5.2012 pieces were created by Andrew Zimmerman, who looks to explore artistic contrasts in his pieces. According to Sears-Peyton Gallery, Zimmerman takes the guesswork out of the process by “dividing the painting into equal units, modular seg­ments that eventually get filled with acrylic color. [He] favors opaque color and sharp edges, as seen in sign painting or architectural details.”


Urbanhood #2

Artist Doug Glovaski pushes, pulls, wipes, scrapes and smears the paint on his canvases, openly revealing his active process of editing and refining in Urbanhood #2. According to Art Daily, Glovaski’s works emanate playfulness.  “What resonates with the viewer is an intense sense of place and mood,” the media outlet has said. “Whether dark and somber or bright and playful, Glovaski’s works leave a long-lasting impression.”

We recommend that our guests take in these three works of art in our Towers Lobby during their next visit. Let us know your artistic take on the pieces in the comments.

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