September 26, 2013

New Spaces at The Palace

As we reach the end of our renovations coverage on A New York Legend is Reborn, take a peek into some of our newly-finished spaces at The New York Palace.

Trouble’s Trust

Over the past few months, you may have seen posts like When History Meets Evolution, hinting at a special area opening at The New York Palace this fall. That area is Trouble’s Trust, a bar serving handcrafted cocktails under our Lobby’s grand staircase. The bar features a modern design, including red lacquer walls inset with embossed leather panels, a liquid metal bar, and a floor to ceiling wine display. Come join us under the stairs for a drink!  


Photo by John Taggart at Gothamist

Lobby Lounge

Next to Trouble’s Trust is our Lobby Lounge. Also accessible from The Palace’s 51st Street entrance, this area provides a relaxing yet energetic respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Like our Main Lobby, this area combines the original space with an updated aesthetic.

“Now, the Lobby acts more as a transitional space,” says Alexandra Champalimaud, President & Principal Designer of Champalimaud, the New York-based design firm that remodeled the hotel’s reception area and lobby. “Previously, it was large, but undefined. There was not an obvious place to congregate. With the addition of Trouble’s Trust and the Lobby Lounge, there are designated, energetic spaces to meet.”

photo (2)

Villard by Michel Richard

In addition to Pomme Palais, we invite guests to join us at Villard by Michel Richard, located in the original Villard Mansion. The restaurant contains two dining rooms, one being a gastronomic, prix-fixe, dinner-only option, featuring French fare like Razor Clam Chowder, Mosaic Surf & Turf, Striped Bass with Ginger Emulsion and Colorado Lamb with Jalapeno Cumin Sauce. The other option is a bistro-style restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers more classic items like Faux Gras, Roasted Chicken and a Lobster Burger. We look forward to serving our guests as they enjoy this new space. 

Photo Sep 17, 8 08 10 PM

Whether it’s for a quick drink, a relaxing escape or a four course meal, we look forward to seeing you at The Palace this fall!

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