July 11, 2013

Towers Lobby Art Collection

Art at The New York Palace is a very important part of our renovations. Our teams have searched high and low to find unique pieces that will serve as not only accent our new look, but also act as conversational pieces.

Since we’ve opened our new Towers Lobby, we would like to introduce our readers to two new pieces of art, Untitled 1 & 2 by artist Annette Davidek and Random Moves #17, #18, #22 & #28 by Gudrun Mertes-Frady.

Annette Davidek’s paintings are derived from diagrams of plants and organic life forms as well as old technological illustrations. She employs repetition for a fundamental and formal purpose: mimicking the replication of development and the dynamic of movement. With these paintings, Davidek created a surprising depth with extremely thin layers of paint. Her compositions seem as though they have been suddenly flooded with light to reveal the animated forms within. You can find these bright pieces near the Towers Lobby check-in desk, as they brighten up the space and provide guests with a calm yet lively atmosphere.


Untitled 1 & 2 by artist Annette Davidek

Artist Gudrun Mertes-Frady was born in Cologne, Germany, where she received her education in painting and art history at the Kölner Werkschulen (Academy for Art and Design). In 1981, Mertes-Frady moved to New York to pursue her passion of painting.

In her recent works, Mertes-Frady uses metallic pigment, like aluminum and graphite mixed with colors, to create a kinetic affect. Her works are about clarity and structure, pared down to essential forms. In addition, to exploring physical fact and psychic effect of color and form with this process, Mertes-Frady ultimately wants to show a blatant sense of beauty in her art. Guests will see this collection of pieces as soon as they exit the Towers Lobby elevator. The serene grays and silvers give the pieces a calming feel that is sure to relax travelers.


Random Moves #17, #18, #22 & #28 by Gudrun Mertes-Frady

Stay tuned for more information on our favorite art pieces at The Palace!

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