June 13, 2013

Two Legends “Looking Good”

This morning, AM New York featured an article entitled “Looking Good” about our neighbor St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Like us, the historic church is undergoing a massive restoration project and is starting to reveal the fruits of its labor. We are excited for the renovations as the cathedral provides our guests with great views as mentioned in our post, A Serene View.

“There are 16 levels coming down and by next week they should be all gone,” Rolando Kraehner, on-site architect of Murphy Burnham & Buttrick, said in the article.

As a New York landmark, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is working towards maintaining its historic image both inside and out, and over the next few weeks, it will begin removing the scaffolding and black netting on the Fifth Avenue side of the cathedral. The removal of the scaffolding will uncover the beautiful white stone that towers 338 feet above street level.

We’re thrilled to share Madison Avenue with another New York legend that is looking to embrace the future while preserving the past.


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