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July 30 2013

Uncovering the Mansion

As we approach the final stages of our renovations, we are happy to finally begin to take the scaffolding down around The Villard Mansion under the guidance of our design and construction firm, Shawmut.  Although this is a small step on the grand scale of our renovations, it represents the great strides we’ve made at The New York Palace. With the removal of the metal framework, guests will be able to enjoy our wonderful views of New York City and … Read More

April 11 2013

Past & Present with Mosette Broderick: Building The Villard Mansion

Past & Present with Mosette Broderick: Building The Villard Mansion As time passes and The New York Palace continues to evolve, there has been one person in particular who has kept up with The Palace’s long history, Ms. Mosette Glaser Broderick. Having co-written The Villard Houses: Life Story of a Landmark, Broderick is one of the most knowledgeable people about many historical sites in New York, especially The Villard Mansion and The New York Palace. Among her many titles, Broderick … Read More

March 05 2013

A Serene View

Although various aspects of The New York Palace are changing to enhance the guest experience, a few things will remain untouched. The views, for example, have never looked better! Some of the best guest room views are those located directly in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Madison Avenue. Guests whose rooms are located across from the Cathedral have a unique vantage point that cannot be experienced from street view. The Cathedral is grand at any level, but whether you’re … Read More