August 23, 2013

Digital Renovations

At The New York Palace, our renovations aren’t limited to our physical property, but also to our online presence as well.  By working with CREATETHE GROUP, we have launched new, user-friendly microsites dedicated to our updated Towers offerings.


CREATETHE GROUP was founded in 2004 to assist brands with creating innovative, emotional campaigns and commerce solutions that maintain the highest levels of brand integrity in digital, mobile, social media and emerging technology.

By collaborating with CREATETHE GROUP, we have launched a new microsite that helps online guests easily navigate through our Towers experience digitally. The site includes beautiful photos of The Towers, a background of our renovations project, a panoramic view of rooms like our Metropolitan Suite, and much more.  We’re proud to have achieved our goal of making The Palace’s website more modern and interactive.

Check out our Towers microsite and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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